About Us

Paula & PatriciaAs full time moms we feel very fortunate to be able to do what we love most, to have the opportunity to take care of our children, while at the same time and with our families’ great support, to pursue our commitment to our fine handmade jewelry business.

Throughout the years our work has changed in different dimensions, we have explored new materials and we have learned classic as well as innovative techniques that together have allowed us to better express our art.

We are lucky to have a great clientele that encourage us not only to use the finest materials in our designs but also to strive to keep our creations fresh, unique, sophisticated yet simple, and trendy. We take pride in offering versatile designs that can be worn in different ways making them even more valuable and exciting to put on.

We love what we do and we are always in the process of creating new collection of one a kind jewelry that has our “signature” on it; pieces that “speak” to our clients about our sources of inspiration and about ourselves. As for the future we would love to see our home based business grown to be ale to offer other moms like us the opportunity that we have been fortunate to have!

Patricia & Paula